Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Avoid Top Hosts Websites

Many of the large hosting companies pay $50+ for a shared hosting referral. This had led many people to set up "top web hosts" type sites. These sites are almost always garbage and offer no real advise. The websites just list hosts with high paying affiliate programs, not quality service.
These sites commonly rank highly in search engines. This often leads consumers to sign up for crummy hosting providers. You need to be on the lookout for sites like this so that you don't get misled.
These sites pretty much exclusively promote large hosting companies that claim to offer "unlimited bandwidth" and "unlimited disk space." Neither of these exist. There are always conditions in the terms of service that allow a hosting provider to shut down a client once he starts using up too much disk space or bandwidth. If a hosts offers "unlimited bandwidth" that is actually a serious negative for clients. Unlimited is really just limited, but you don't know your limits. This can cause a lot of trouble. There are many horror stories of successful businesses randomly getting their hosting shut down when they use up to much of their "unlimited" hosting.

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