Tuesday, 11 October 2011

With Microsoft Direct Access, Who Needs VPN?

Do you ever need a file from the office computer, but you're on the train, at home or away from your desk? Wouldn't it be great to have immediate access to your data regardless of your location? This feature of Server 2008 R2, makes this possible. Using the Internet and the built in networking function in your Windows 7 PC, data can be retrieved quickly and easily.
What is Direct Access?
Direct Access on Microsoft's 2008 R2 server is a technology which uses the Internet to connect an end user system and servers to other network resources, be they inside or outside the corporate LAN.
In the past, in order for a remote computer to connect to the internal enterprise local area network, a VPN, or virtual private network was required. This too used the Internet as the link between server and client, but requires several things: client software installed on the workstation, end user initiation of the "dialer" to connect their PC to the company LAN, and IT installation and management of the VPN client software.

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