Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Distinguishing Features of Web Hosting Types

For anyone desiring an online presence, understanding the different web hosting types is the first step toward success. This knowledge will be your weapon in deciding on the right hosting plan for your business. There are many hosting types but I will treat the popular ones.
Free hosting: This is the most common of all hosting types. As the name implies, you pay nothing for creating and hosting a website or blog. It comes with a lot of conditions, so if you are signing up for a free hosting service, read the terms of service very well. There are limitations and restrictions on this hosting type and in most cases, there are adverts placed on your site. This clearly indicates that the absolute control of your web pages lies solely with the free service provider. Consequently, this type of hosting is ideal for a hobby site because if you use it for a business site, you will be damaging your reputation.

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