Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Free Web Hosting Service Comes With A Price To Pay

Some have said that nothing in life that was free was ever worth paying for. This is more than just a sound byte or a witty saying. Many people will enter into free web hosting deals without realizing the underlying price that they have to pay as a result. That price can affect professionalism. It can limit one's abilities to give their enterprise everything it deserves. And it can certainly turn off potential clients, customers, and visitors. While not everything that is "free" should be considered a waste of time, one must still realize that for something free to truly be effective, it must have some means to an end, and that end is to generate revenue or build notoriety. Free web hosting services often keep an individual website owner from doing that under the guise of being "risk free." The reasons you should reconsider if you have affiliated yourself based solely on lack of cost are many:
Lacking Professionalism
When people visit a site that they hold to be an authority or perhaps even a place with whom they would like to do business, they get very uncomfortable with sites that are hosted for free. For one, free services do not often allow you to brand your business the way that it needs to be branded in order to be effective. Getting a standard "dot com" or "dot org" name does not happen because your handle is always tied to some representation of the company that is hosting you. You are essentially helping them to brand themselves on your hard work and talent, and that can cost you a whole lot more than you will ever save by not paying for hosting.


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