Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Drawbacks of Using Shared Hosting

Among the various types of web hosting plans in the market today, shared hosting is one of the more popular choices among consumers. Its ability to support many hosting accounts simultaneously made it widely used by many. Also, its affordable pricing made it very attractive to consumers especially those who are new to this. However, like any other hosting plans, it has its own sets of shortcomings.
The biggest shortcoming for using this plan is that users will be required to share their web server with many other websites. Therefore, this means everything that is provided by that server is shared among all the sites sharing the same server which includes disk space and bandwidth. Another problem with this plan is that sites on the same server will have identical IP address. This can pose a problem in the event that any site on the server is banned or faces security issues as it could mean that the whole server will be affected. As you will be sharing the same server, your site could be banned as well until the problem is resolved which could take days or even weeks.

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