Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Guide to Reseller and Web Hosting

Web hosting and resellers have radically transformed our net browsing experience. Generally there are one or more primary hosts which cater to larger corporate clients and government offices, resellers act as secondary hosts and provide internet access to domestic customers. Thus reseller acts as an intermediate or guiding force behind easy internet access for home users and small business needs. Since primary web hosts cater to larger clients and handle enormous traffic loads, it is not possible for them to pay attention to individual clients. This problem is solved by reseller which acts as secondary hosts.
There are very few primary hosts that actually provide the internet access and these are approached by the secondary host or reseller. For domestic use, it is not possible to deal directly with primary hosts since the process of connection establishment is very cumbrous. Web hosting and reseller solves this problem. You can get personal support and hence all your problems regarding net access can be easily addressed and solves, on the other hand primary hosts cannot solve domestic access problems for individual users since they perform on a much larger scale.
Reseller web hosting also enables growth of small businesses. If you get internet access from resellers then you do not need to buy or hire servers which are both expensive and difficult to maintain, you also do not have to worry about traffic in your server because all that is taken care of by the reseller. Thus you can save both time and money. Thus if you are looking to handle a lot of traffic then it is better to take help from a reseller rather than primary hosts or buying your own server. If the traffic load in your site is variable then there is no point is getting expensive servers for handling peak traffic, instead it is easier to use reseller services.

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