Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Host Gator or Go Daddy

There are many other web hosts out there and they are all very competitive. The majority of them can be very expensive to say the least. They all seem to offer the same features but only a couple really seems to stand out. The two that do stand out are Host Gator and Go Daddy. In my experience, Host Gator is a lot better, cheaper and easier to use than Go Daddy.
The pricing for Host Gator is great especially considering all of the features that you will receive. There are also many coupon codes out there that you can use to get discounts. They also offers different monthly plans as well as domain registration.
Host Gator has an absolutely huge variety of features. It is truly incredible. Even with their smallest monthly plan, you get unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. In terms of their packages, there are quite a few different ones and they all offer amazing features at great prices. Host Gator's web hosting also offers a free site builder and many free templates that you can use. The entire array of templates look professionally made and well designed.
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